„Creme 21 – the modern classical skin care that looks after your skin and conquers your heart!“

Creme 21.

All your skin needs.

Creme 21 is an uncomplicated skin care for every day and every situation. Creme 21 has a cult status! Already in the 70s the impressive brand history starts. Since then it has conquered forever the consumers’ hearts with its unique brand personality. 


Fresh and modern the brand is loyal to its main principle: high–quality, unique products at a fair price.


Your favourite skin care

The new Creme 21 skin care beauty worlds:

Beauty Worlds

The new Creme 21 skin care beauty worlds.

Find the best skin care for you

Within the successful and uncomplicated CLASSIC – Skin care product line “One for all” you will find not only creams and body lotions but also the most refreshing shower gels and the highly effective Creme 21 sun protection.

Creme 21 further cares about the individual needs of different skin types.

According to these specific needs Creme 21 has developed a specialized skin care product line. Discover among others the 4 Supreme Body Lotions – especially created to give your skin what it needs and desires.

All products are constantly implemented and the product lines are continuously increased.

So have a look from time to time to be updated...

Enjoy taking care of your skin!





Creme 21 Classic. The bright orange, joyful and fresh skin care.

Pure design in a bright orange colour – this is Creme 21. The uncomplicated skin care for a soft and beautiful skin. The unique Classics with proven caring formulas treat your skin as well as your senses with a wonderful fresh scent.

 - No matter if Cream, Lotion or Shower Gel, Creme 21 Classic
   offers you the right product for each moment

 - The bright orange* cult brand with proven caring formuals





Creme 21 CRYSTAL DIAMONDS® - the beauty skin care with the fruity, summer-feeling papaya fragrance covers your skin with wonderful diamond highlights – for a trendy glamour look!


Creme 21 Supreme Body Lotion CRYSTAL DIAMONDS®

  - Real diamond dust and gold pigments give your skin a marvellous
    glance – for a glamorous appearance 

  - With fruity papaya oil extract and nurturing shea butter that makes
    your skin soft and silky

  - Its fruity fragrance brings you good mood

The Creme 21 CRYSTAL DIAMONDS® Hand & Body Wipes

 - Refreshing care for on the way: the cleaning body wipes take
   care of your skin and offer a refreshing sensation

 - Pleasant fragrant, for hands and body

 - The pocket size fits all handbags


The Creme 21 CRYSTAL DIAMONDS® Holiday Set


 - A beauty skin care always and everywhere ready to be used –
   with the four trendy glam products in pocket size from the
   CRYSTAL DIAMONDS® product line





Creme 21 KISSED BY NATURE®  - The skin care for all, wo likes it natural

 The Supreme Body Lotion KISSED BY NATURE® with natural-based ingredients.


 - A light texture thanks to its composition of 97% of natural-based
   ingredients: Without minerals or silicone oils, without artificial colours
   and without PEG – emulsifiers
 - Pure almond- and jojoba oil take care of your skin and contribute to
   protect it from the negative effects of damaging environmental influences.
 - Refreshes and activates your skin with its “Anti–Urban–Stress” combination
   of revitalizing ginkgo extract and moisturizing AquaCacteen™.





Creme 21 TIMELESS BEAUTY® - The skin care for a nice, smooth and tighten skin.

The Creme 21 Supreme Body Lotion TIMELESS BEAUTY® has been specially developed for skins from 35 years old on.


 - The highly effective aggregate based on caffeine and the green Chlorella –
   microalga active component activate the microcirculation. After four weeks
   of application your skin elasticity will be improved in around 25%.

 - Nurturing Shea–butter and precious grape seed oil give your skin a smooth,
   tighten and young look.





Creme 21 SENSITIVE TOUCH – the gentle skin care for sensitive skins.

A skin care specially developed to address the needs of sensitive and very dry skin. Give your body a treat with the Creme 21 Supreme Body Lotion SENSITIVE TOUCH.

 - Without mineral and silicone oils, artificial colours or PEG–emulsifiers
 - The rich formula with the special Creme 21 Hydro-Complex nourishes
   and protects the skin and maintains its natural hydro-lipid balance
 - The Anti-Irritation Complex made from restructuring cotton seed oil,
   soothing Panthenol and rich shea–butter relieves skin that has been
   exposed to stress and restores its natural elasticity
 - With soft, hypo-allergenic fragrance

The success story
of Creme 21

The 70s: Awakening time in politics, music, fashion and cosmetics:
The perfect start for Creme  21.

Until the late 60s cosmetic products could only be bought in specialty stores, and then the self–service concept appeared.
The Henkel Group quickly identified this trend and started selling tailor–made products such as Creme 21.

The bright orange colour as well as the distinctive and progressive plastic jar represented modernity and gave the consumers a feeling of happiness and pleasure in life. The name “Creme 21” has a symbolic meaning: In the time when Creme 21 was launched, 21 was still the legal age in Germany (today it’s 18) and expressed that Creme 21 was offered for everyone, young and old, male and female, and for the entire family! The brand´s market entry was something special and attracted more than usual the consumers’ attention. It was the first brand to show naked skin in its advertisements. By that Creme 21 had the finger on the pulse and did not only reach high market shares but also conquered the consumers’ hearts. Countless bathrooms started to beam in orange thanks to Creme 21.

However, due to strategic decisions in 1986 Henkel decided to take the brand Creme 21 out of its German portfolio in order to focus on other brands. From this moment on Creme 21 was only sold abroad. Creme 21 was in a “hibernation” status in Germany until Antje Willems-Stickel bought the rights of the trademark from Henkel KGaA in 2003 and revived Creme 21 again.


Creme 21 keeps your skin young.

Creme 21 starts to be sold in the German market under the slogan "Creme 21- Keeps your skin young". They introduced the first advertisement in Germany that showed naked skin.


What was happening around the world at that moment?

Further important events regarding music, films, politics and technology took place during the 70s. Creme 21 started to gain its place in the market: the "Space Ship Enterprise" conquered the hearts of all "Trekki"-Fans and with Dieter-Thomas Heck the tv program “Die Hitparade" started.



From the Creme to the cult.

Creme 21 continued to gain more and more consumers’ hearts with its aggressive campaign which called up to change to orange.

What was happening around the world at that moment?

The fashion world was overshadowed by the death of the French designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. In Germany long hair became a trend within teenagers so the Department of Defense had to allow the soldiers to have long hair and beard but using a hairnet. In the automobile industry the VW-Beatle became in 1972 the most successful car worldwide with over 15 Million produced cars. In Germany a woman was chosen for the first time as the President of the Bundestag, Annemarie Renger from the SPD party.



Innovative with foam cream.

The new Creme 21-foam cream diversified the product range with its new and unique Aerosol form. At that time a revolutionary product, which actually came even a little bit too early into the market, so it didn’t find so much consumer’s acceptance at first.

What was happening around the world at that moment?

1973 was the year in which more women trousers than skirts were sold for the first time, the American show "Sesame Street" started being broadcasted in German TV and inspired both children and adults.



Creme 21 excellent advertisements.

Creme 21 has now a new skin moisturizing factor and an innovative locking system. The legendary and unforgettable "Cream-Blob-Campaign" gained many awards. The advertisement’s success contributed to increase within two months the market share from 8.7% to 18%.

What was happening around the world at that moment?

ABBA started its gorgeous music career in 1974. The band won the Eurovision Song Contest with its song "Waterloo". Germany won the Football Championship in its own country with a victory of 2:1 against the Netherlands. 1975 was proclaimed as the women year by the UNO, which should be a step towards the emancipation. At the year the majority age was decreased from 21 (!) to 18 years old. In the entertainment industry in 1976 the Maja bee appears and Nina Hagen starts a musical career as “enfant terrible” after her expulsion from East Germany. She became a fashion ideal thanks to her make-up and clothes.



The soap with the Creme 21- feeling.

The Creme 21-Soap was launched with an orange and white marbled design. Again an innovation, being Creme 21 an important component of the recipe. Slogan: "Creme 21. Protects your skin ".

What was happening around the world at that moment?

In 1977 the Disco–trend started with the music film "Saturday-Night-Fever". A sad incident overshadows the music industry: thousands of fans say goodbye to Elvis Presley – the King died at the age of 42 from a heart attack.



Creme 21- skin regulator.

The success story continues: The Creme 21- skin regulator diversifies the product range again as it introduces an innovative skin care product, which regulated the skin´s fat- and moisture-balance

What was happening around the world at that moment?

In 1978 the medical research achieved a very controversial advance: the first test tube baby was born in Great Britain.



Creme 21 now international.

Together with the re–launch of the packaging design, the logo was modified. It was a mistake as the brand lost part of its authenticity. Due to strategical reasons Henkel removed the brand Creme 21 from the German market in 1986, in order to concentrate on other brands. Creme 21 was maintained by Henkel as an export brand... Until the year 2003…



New start for Creme 21.

The Creme 21 GmbH was created and finally launches again the skin care classics into the German market. With plenty of passion and closeness to the consumers regained Creme 21 the attention of consumers and starts to be successful again.



Finally Creme 21 in the German market.

Besides the Creme 21 skin care cremes, body lotions and body milks, now the Creme 21 fragrance is available. The new "Creme-Blob-Campaign" for printed media, radio and television is a sensation and comes along with Creme 21 in its new period.



Extension of the product range.

A variety of sets to give yourself a treat in shiny orange are very well received by the Creme 21 fans. And also in the shower Creme 21 becomes a must have: shower cream and shower gel bring you freshness while taking a shower.



The Creme 21 sun skin care arrives.

Enjoy the sun is the Creme 21 message since 2006! Together with the Creme 21 sun spray you can also find a sun skin cream. Towards these two new products Creme 21 expands also in 2006 its product portfolio in parallel directions through another innovative product line: the Creme 21 mild soap.



Welcome the new rich and intensive skin care.

In addition to the classic moisturizing skin care you can now also find the rich and intensive skin care product line with Pro-Vitamin B5 – the skin care duo finally got together!



Moving into the new office.

The Creme 21 GmbH moves into its new office within Bad Homburg. To celebrate the relocation Creme 21 launches a new product: "Original Homburger Glückswasser".



The new shower gels have arrived!

The shiny orange goes into a colourful liaison: the new Creme 21 Shower Gels are launched into the market with 6 delicious versions.



Together discovering new skin care possibilities.

The 4 new Supreme Body Lotions are the kick–off for new Creme 21 skin care product lines: Crystal Diamonds®, Timeless Beauty®, Kissed by Nature® and Sensitive Touch offer you innovative products that adapt to your skin needs, without forgetting the Creme 21 Classic product line.




Crystal Diamonds® also for on the way.

New products from the popular Crystal Diamonds® product line in a smaller version, which are launched on the market, packed together in the "Holiday Glam Set". The useful pocket size makes your trips more comfortable! And you can even buy directly when flying with Condor.




A new online start for Creme 21.

A new platform to introduce Creme 21: modern but remaining uncomplicated, the same way as Creme 21 and its different skin care product lines – this is also represented in the new Creme 21 website.


The daily skin care doesn’t have to be something complicated. Life is enough complicated; so why should we make something easy complicated?  Thanks to Creme 21, taking care of your skin and body is easy and something you can enjoy. The Creme 21 skin care products are easy – going and uncomplicated and give your skin what it needs, not more and not less. In order to give you important information and tips about skin care and about our product contents, we have created the Skinopaedia. Here is the link to the Skinopaedia


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