A company
with a strong personality

Finally 21 is back!

A company with history.

“Finally 21 is back” stands for the comeback of Creme 21 in 2003, when Antje Willems – Stickel bought the trademark rights and revived the brand. The Creme 21 company is formed by a young, dynamic team based in Bad Homburg, which differentiates itself strong from the big companies atmosphere. The members of the Creme 21 team are highly – motivated and work with passion and commitment, enjoying the unique Creme 21 spirit.


“Creme 21 is not a normal brand, but a very special one. A brand with a very strong and outstanding personality. That is why even Creme 21 is “only” a product designed for skin care, it has also reached the consumers feelings thanks to its values and personality, going beyond the consumers´ skin directly into their hearts. This is what makes Creme 21 so special!"


Creme 21 - Made in Germany!

Creme 21 is faithful to its principle: high quality „Made in Germany“ products at a fair price. All the Creme 21 products are developed and produced in Germany. The recipes are periodically tested and continuously updated to the latest skin care advances.


"We want to be very good. But also show that Creme 21 is formed by a team of people. People that understand the needs and desires of consumers and that are really committed with the brand and with the company. Uncomplicated, easy going people, who are always there if you want to speak to them and who want to make something special out of the brand."

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The founder.


On the 21st of March 2003 Antje Willems – Stickel bought the Creme 21 worldwide trademark rights from the Henkel KGaA. She came up with the idea of buying a brand after a conference of the former Unilever CEO Johann Lindenberg. He explained that many multinational company groups were redesigning and tightening up their brand portfolios due to globalisation. A reduction from 1800 to 600 brands was planned due to this issue. 


What happened next was a lucky chance: during a private holiday in Dubai Antje Willems – Stickel found the cream that she had used in her youth in Germany in a storeHenkel had removed Creme 21 from the German market in 1986 but had kept it as an export brand.
That is why Creme 21 was not considered at first as a brand from which they wanted to get rid of. But with a strong perseverance, stubbornness and enthusiasm (this is the way we know her) she convinced Henkel to sell her the trademark rights and the existent business. After this happened, everything started to take place very quickly. An extensive market research was done in order to position the product and the market entry was strategically planned. At the end of 2003 the first Creme 21 products started to be sold again in the German market: Finally 21 was back!




Since the beginning in the 70s, Creme 21 is also internationally present in various markets. While the brand was in an “hibernation status” in Germany during the middle 80s, Henkel as former owner of the trademark took special care of a solid fundament for a good market position particularly in the Middle East, which could be successfully extended in the MENA-region over time.
Since the purchase of the worldwide trademark rights and the formation of the Creme 21 GmbH in Bad Homburg, not only the new start of the orange* cult-brand in Germany has been realized, but also to the export special attention has been paid to. Due to that Creme 21 is exported to many foreign markets nowadays. Solid long-term partnerships with distributors effectuate a constant extension of the market presence in nearby and far countries.