The Cult Skincare Brand. Since the ’70s.

Cosmetics were only available in specialist shops up until the end of the ’60s. With self-service shops came a revolution, and a flood of various cosmetics and skincare products for all kinds of applications and target groups. Creme 21 was different: daily skincare for young and old - and everyone in-between.

It wasn’t just the bright, cheerful orange and the modern, minimalist design that caused a fervour: the revolutionary Creme 21 advertising campaign showed off bare skin for the first time. The brand had struck a nerve, taking the market by storm and winning a place in the hearts of consumers.

In the mid-1980s, Henkel removed the brand from the German market for strategic reasons and continued Creme 21 purely as an export brand. In 2003, a businesswoman from Bad Homburg rediscovered the cream of her youth on holiday, and decided there and then to breathe new life into Creme 21. So the first tubs of Creme 21 were finally available in German shops in late 2003: 21 again!

The Natural Revolution

Woodstock heralded the beginning of a new age. A whole generation celebrated humanity’s return to nature. In Germany, Oswalt Kolle explained sexuality to the nation and magazines like ‘Twen’ made nudity more and more socially acceptable. Creme 21 also used the naturalness of bare skin in its first advertising campaign, cementing its place as a pioneer of the new age of body-confidence.

Time for a Change

From Neue Deutsche Welle to the first Sony Walkman and the fall of the Berlin wall: the ’80s were revolutionary in every respect. This spirit of change was also seen in the economy, e.g. Henkel, Creme 21’s parent company, decided in 1986 to take a different course and continue Creme 21 purely as an export brand. The orange tub had long achieved cult status in Germany. Far beyond the cosmetics industry.

The Legend Lives On

Reunification brought people together, and they remembered an almost unforgettable feeling of elation. The whole nation joined together in a completely new self-confidence. So it was only a matter of time until the brand that caused such a fervour made its way back into culture - initially as the namesake of a German rock band. Founded by fans, the band Creme 21 had their big hit in 1996 with their cover of Rudi Carrell’s ‘Wann Wird’s Mal Wieder Richtig Sommer?’ – perfect for the summery orange of this cult brand.

Creme 21 Relaunch

Back to square one: the transition phase after the millennium brought with it plenty of change. For Creme 21 too. The band broke up but the fanbase continues. The ‘Creme 21 – der Club” nightclub opened in Heilbronn at the turn of the century, and still offers a stage for countless bands to this day. In 2002, the hype really took off with the Creme 21 Youngtimer Rallye. Shortly afterwards, 2003 saw the starting shot for the second wave – the official relaunch of Creme 21 skincare products in Germany.

A New Generation of Skincare

Digitisation continues on relentlessly. Social networks form a platform for the biggest issues of this new millennium: globalisation, climate change and sustainability. Creme 21 has also changed. With innovative, sustainable products such as the indulgent, intensive moisturiser with pro-Vitamin B5, the new Creme 21 shower gel and new body lotions, this brand is sure to impress young and old alike. Creme 21 has always stayed true to itself. These products are made locally without any harmful additives – today just as they were almost 50 years ago.